The 2009 Highway Africa conference and the Digital Citizen Indaba (DCI) are quickly approaching!

Highway Africa (HA) is the world’s largest gathering of African journalists, and for 13 years it has been at the centre of Africa’s debates on journalism and new media. The Digital Citizen Indaba (DCI) was established after it was recognised that – given its focus on new media and journalism, (HA) could do more to encourage new media take-up by non-journalists, thereby ensuring that citizens have a digital voice too.

The theme of this year’s HA conference will be 2010, Development & Democracy and it will offer journalists a reflection on 2010 in the new media environment. In 2010, South Africa hosts the FIFA World Football Cup. As we head for the world’s biggest spectacle, taking place in Africa for the very first time, it is imperative that African journalism and media prepare on how the 2010 Story will told. The Highway Africa Conference 2009 will be both a celebration and an interrogation of journalism and media and their role in sport, identity and the African agenda.

The working theme of the DCI will be ‘digital civil society and journalism in Africa’, focusing on the complex interaction between the mainstream media and civil society.

With only three weeks before all these exciting conversations take place in Grahamstown, we would like to encourage you to connect online with other participants and speakers via our various social media networks. You can share your ideas, expectations, projects or general feedback so that the event is even a bigger success in 2009. We would love to hear from YOU!

Looking forward to meeting you all soon!

Levi Kabwato & Elia Varela Serra

HA Social media team