Q. Presently employed as?

A. Senior Communications Manager: Content Excellence and Digital Coca-Cola South Africa
Q. Explain the nature of your business or your role within New Media ?

A. I am responsible for advertising across all 26 brands at Coca-Cola South Africa.

Q. Location of your business or company?

A. Johannesburg , South Africa
Q. Links to your website/s?

A. We’re currently laying out our digital ecosystem strategy.

Q. How do you see new media playing itself out in the future, what will be your contribution to the industry?

A. The power is now with the citizens. Stories are being written about people who participate in social networks. Social network will be main stream in the not too distant future.

Q. To new comers how should they structure their time with new media namely blogging, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. For people whose industry does not involve any form of media, how do they manage their time and not become overwhelmed?

A. Do your own thing in your own time. Don’t try to balance it as if it is your job. Do what you can when you can. After hours preferably if it interferes with your job. But if your job is unaffected and you have made your employers know that this is what you do as well, so be it. Go ahead and enjoy yourself.

Q. New Media is being used by children as young as five, that said, it is clear if you do not keep abreast with trends in new media you inclined to feel isolated from main stream living, what advice do you have for people who have lagged behind and would like to know where to begin?

A. Just begin. Everyone has to start at some point. A lot of people refuse to join out of fear but use arguments like, “we’re getting less connected as people.” It’s all just a matter of people just going out there and becoming part of the community. The world is not going to go backwards. It won’t wait for those who are afraid. Get on board is all I can say.