Q. Presently employed as?

A. Co-founder and technical ninja at Motribe.

Q. Explain the nature of your business or your role within New Media and print in your case?  

A. Motribe is a platform for hosting mobile communities. The company is less than a year old and already has over 1.5 million users. It powers mobile communities for well-known brands like Guinness in Nigeria and Rexona in Kenya. As the co-founder, Vincent is responsible for building and scaling the Motribe platform and keeping the company ahead of innovation in the mobile space.

Q. Location of your business or company?

A. Motribe is based in Cape Town, South Africa R. Links to your websites: http://motribe.com/ and http://motribe.mobi/

Q. How do you see new media playing itself out in the future, what will be your contribution to the industry looking towards the future now? 

A. ‘New’ media is becoming strongly focused on mobile as the sales of mobile devices overtake PCs and the shift in internet usage from desktop to mobile takes hold. Increasingly social connection between people and people, people and companies and people and their devices has become key in the way we make meaning from our lives. Organising the clutter and creating spaces where we can feel safe and willing to engage is going to be one the most important social tasks over the next decade and this is the area that I spend most of my time working on solutions.

Q. To new comers how should they structure their time with new media namely blogging, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. For people whose industry does not involve any form of media, how do they manage their time and not become overwhelmed?  

A. For most people there will be a few services that remain core to their lifestyles and many that come and go. My advice is to create accounts on all of them so that you get a good personalized URL or username and then assess the service over time. You never know which one is going to take off and you should get in early. If you think you don’t have enough time it’s because you’re not filtering the noise well enough and this comes with practice.

Q. New Media is being used by children as young as five, that said,it is clear if you do not keep abreast with trends in new media you inclined to feel isolated from main stream living, what advice do you have for people who have lagged behind and would like to know where to begin? 

A. Start by getting yourself involved again, there is no excuse for acting like the last 20 years didn’t happen.

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