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Date of Conference : 17-19 September 2011

Venue : Cape Town ICC

The 2011 Theme: African Media and Global Sustainability Challenge

The dramatic melting down of the glaciers of the Arctic, the droughts ravaging Africa, the floods in the Americas and ever temperatures rises may have provided drama for television and other media but the issue of global sustainability calls for more drastic and comprehensive response from the media.

Whereas the international media as represented by the various broadcasting networks have woken up to the stark challenge facing the world, African media remains hesitant and unhurried in training its eye on the sustainability challenge.

The holding of the UNFCCC COP 17 Climate Meeting beginning in Durban on 28th November 2011 provides African media and other key stakeholders a unique opportunity to galvanize various key actors.

Highway Africa Conference 2011 will be an opportunity for an interrogation of African journalism and media and how these have framed the issues of climate change, food security and overall global sustainability.

The questions we would like to ask ourselves will include:

i) How is the global media framing the sustainability challenge?

ii) How is African media responding to the climate change debates and issues?

iii) How can African media play a greater role in the information, communication and discourse on climate change and sustainability?

iv) What are the capacity gaps in African media that hamper effective reporting?

v) How can stakeholders partner with African media in terms of deeper understanding and coverage of the climate change and sustainability story?

vi) How can African media prepare adequately for the Climate Change Summit and what platforms would be used to cover the event effectively?

Using plenary sessions, keynote addresses, training workshops, book launches, networking dinners and debates, HA 2011 will be an occasion for sombre reflections but also an occasion to celebrate human ingenuity as we confront our greatest challenge: climate change and sustainability.

Reporting Development Forum

Incorporated in the main conference will be the 3rd Reporting Development Forum (RDF). The RDF will bring together Africa’s top media professionals, communication for development experts, government communication staff and academics to debate issues including:

– Media and Africa’s development agenda (health, economics, trade and agriculture)

– Business and Social Sustainability