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Not quite the 60 that was expected but 54 participants from all of Africa were drilled in the discipline of data journalism at a three-day Data Journalism Boot Camp which preceded this year’s conference.

Craig Hammer of the World Bank Institute’s Global Media Development program coordinated the rigorous schedule which was fuelled and delivered by experts in media, statistics, computer programming and development issues.

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A few pictures from the recently concluded Data Journalism Bootcamp that took place from 5-7 September. The three day workshop hosted a collection of journalists and coders; provided training in the building of news driven mobile applications.

The best project to come from the worksop will be featured at the Highway Africa conference and awarded $1000 (R8300).

Experienced trainers from Google, the Open Institute and the Open Knowledge Foundation led the intensive workshop and helped media professionals with data mining techniques.

The workshop was also supported by the World Bank Institute, rDNA, the African Media Initiative, the International Centre for Journalists and the Rhodes University School of Journalism and Media Studies.

All geared up for Highway Africa 2012? Grahamstown weather is as fickle as they come. The forecast predicts sunny skies for the duration of the conference. The possibility of rain is only slight but long time travelers to the City of Saints will tell you how temperamental the valley tends to be. We encourage the packing of warm clothes: jerseys, sweaters, scarves, etc. The predicted daily temperatures in the mid-twenties for most of the conference days suggest that we are all clear weather wise.

   Weather forecast Grahamstown this week














Min 9  °C 10  °C 11  °C 10  °C 9  °C 9  °C 8  °C
Max 17  °C 24  °C 25  °C 23  °C 21  °C 20  °C 21  °C
Sun 40% 75% 85% 75% 75% 65% 60%
Precipitation 50% 5% 10% 15% 10% 15% 20%
Wind direction E NE SW SW S S E
Wind force 4 4 3 4 3 3 3

To ease the process of assimiliation the Highway Africa team chose Mvuzo Ponono as our mascot to follow around for #HAGFMD2012.   To know where, when and what is happening in and around the conference you can also keep tabs on Mvuzo Ponono.  Pictures of Mvuzo travelling around to the important conference venues are playfully displayed.  Enjoy following Mvuzo on, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest,  Storify, Tumblr or  LinkedIn for the duration of the Highway Africa Conference 2012.