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At this year’s Highway Africa there is a lot of discussion around new media and its possibilities. Speaker Indra De Lanerolle has extensive experience in internet and mobile communications, focusing specifically on the effect they have on the mass media.
He speaks to Elna Schütz about what telecommunications mean for journalists and their audiences.


Who makes better journalists, men or women? Sizani Weza and Karen Kelley of the US Embassy in Harare, Zimbabwe, suggest that maybe it’s women. The Zimbabwe Women Journalists Mentoring Program (WJMP) brought 12 aspiring female journalists to the Highway Conference, the hub of journalists on the African Continent. Relebone Myambo caught up with them during the buzz of tea break to hear their thoughts on mentoring, women in journalism, and networking.

Highway Africa is a great place to network and connect with journalists around the globe. Here you can meet the journos you’ve only admired as a by-line on a page.
Nexi Dennis, a business development journalist from the Seychelles, tells Elna Schütz about a special Highway Africa meeting today.

The first delegate
While many delegates are excitedly attending conference for the first or second time, Adam Clayton Powell is one of the few that is here for the 17th time. With almost fifty years of experience in news and media behind him, the current Senior Fellow at the University of Southern California’s has many a story to tell.
Elna Schütz sat down with him to hear his opinions of mobile and community media as well as some Highway Africa memories.

It’s day 1 of Highway Africa and we spoke to Michael Schmidt, director of the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism (IAJ) about Conference, social media, and his take on the theme, speaking truth to power.
Photograph by Maciej Lacny